Friday, 4 October 2013


Gloria Ferris and I have a new project underway.  We are co-authoring a mystery that takes place in the exotic setting of Roatan, Honduras.  A locale we visited on a Caribbean cruise where we had the wonderful experience of swimming with dolphins.

I’ve had the privilege of editing Gloria’s fiction manuscripts for years.  Now, the shoe is on the other foot, so to speak.  We are taking turns writing and editing each other’s drafts.  Since we live only seven kilometers apart, we get together every couple of weeks, sometimes over a glass of wine, to brainstorm plot ideas and discuss ways to make our characters as likeable to readers as they are to us.  Soon, we will pass our manuscript to Dr. Donna Houghton, third member of our writing group, for her critique and editing suggestions. Donna H. has written an amazing fantasy romance novel and will be seeking agency representation in the New Year. 

As an award winning fiction author, Gloria has been an excellent mentor and writing partner. It hasn’t hurt that she is patient, a good sport, and can’t fire me since there’s the family connection.  I was initially unsure if our varied writing styles would mesh well.  Gloria is known for her humorous writing style whereas I tend to write more on the dark side of fiction.  As our project nears the finish line, I must say that I’ve had fun, learned a lot about character development, and am delighted with the outcome.  

Left to right:  Donna Warner, Gloria Ferris, Donna Houghton