Monday 8 April 2024

Eastern Canadian Ringette Championship Tournament April 11-14 2024 Schedule

For those who enjoy playing, watching, or are interested in viewing the ice sport of Ringette for the first time, the games will be held in Charlottetown, P.E.I. April 11-14/24.

We are thrilled that our grand daughter, Brooke Warner, will be playing on the U19 ON2 Ringette team. We will be cheering her and her team mates on from the comfort of our living room. Wishing all these incredible athletes enrolled in this championship tournament a safe and fun tournament.

If you wish to register and watch live stream videos of this competition, I have included details below. Day 1 schedule is below. Please note the game times on the schedule are in Atlantic Canada time zone times.







Friday 22 March 2024

Craft Shows ... A Welcome Sign of Spring 2024

Attention #WellingtonCounty residents and anyone looking for day trip suggestions to visit beautiful #Fergus Ontario? Mark April 27/24 in your calendar to attend the Canadian Legion, Fergus Branch craft show and bazaar and shop for unique items from many local artists from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Bake sale and lunch bar. #crafts #shoppers #Fergus #Guelph #fiction #readers

Wednesday 7 February 2024

"Targeted", a Crime Fiction Thriller Kindle and Paperback Book Sale

Mojitos, Moonlight….and Murder

Fifty-yards away from the airport bus, a set of binoculars shove aside blossoms in a red ginger shrub to focus on two young women’s bodies as they step onto the white sands of La Ceiba beach. The Watcher listens long enough to overhear which resort Jordan Blair and Ellie Cassidy will be vacationing at. The blossoms shudder back into place as the binoculars are roughly withdrawn.

After settling into their unit at the boutique resort on Roatán Island, Jordan discovers that the former occupant of their room has vanished. When she questions the charismatic resort manager about what investigation is in place to locate this woman, he slides the missing woman’s suitcase behind his desk, suggesting she may have left for a romantic adventure. Given the police presence, Tate’s dismissing her concerns, worries her.

A male guest they met while waiting for the ferry ride is determined to spend time with them. Although, his interest delights Ellie, Jordon finds his play-boy demeanor and covert activities arouse her suspicions. Could he be involved with the missing woman’s disappearance? Plagued by unanswered questions, they let their guard down. Now, they must flee into the rainforest and fight for their lives. Will Jordan’s survival training save them or result in a fight she can not win?

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Wednesday 8 November 2023

Adjusting a Presentation on the Fly

As fiction authors, Gloria Ferris and I were delighted to be guests of the Writers' Club at the Guelph Lake Commons Retirement Community on November 9/23. In addition to displaying our books for sale, we selected this agenda topic, "What's Intriguing About Reading and Writing Mysteries?"

I've posted notes below to describe amendments we made to our proposed agenda to match audience interest.

Gloria Ferris Web Site

Donna J. Warner Author Page

Post-Event Comments

We were pleased, and surprised in a good way, with audience interest in our presentation at this beautiful retirement home in Guelph, Ontario. People attending our open forum discussion included members of their writers' club and others who were avid readers or kind enough to drop by. Many interesting discussions arose other than the one we initially proposed. It was fascinating to hear about writing projects tackled by the writers' group; several voiced interest in writing memoirs.

Gloria and I shared details of aspects of our journey as writers published with traditional publishing houses and with inde-publishing; mentioned various types of publishing options; explained the different roles of beta readers versus editors, and even disclosed our confussion regarding advancements in new technology re. Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will affect writers. We have been told there will be many positive aids for writing and book marketing projects available through AI, but we're concerned over reading negative media posts and comments from some of our colleagues about their work being pirated for unauthorized AI databank utilization. When this occurs, the author isn't compensated with royalty payments and an illegal act has occurred. We are hopeful that the many professional writers' organizations and publishers currently focussing on establishing policies and guidelines to protect authors' rights and ensure copyright infringements are not allowed or encouraged are successful in their endeavours.

Sunday 8 October 2023


A request during my October visit to my family doctor’s office surprised me. My permission was sought to allow my private conversation with my care giver to be recorded. It was explained that this tape would be converted to text on their computer system by an Artificial Intelligence software they are utilizing. I hesitated briefly before giving my consent. After all, verbal dictation isn’t perfect either. Right?

That evening, as I tried to settle into sleep mode, these questions romped through my mind:

What if a blooper in software AI transcription resulted in an error on a health diagnosis or plan of treatment action?

Could this private conversation about my health issues be hacked?

Are doctor/patient recorded discussions revised before storage to edit out small talk? What if I made some off-colour or humourous comment? Would that be recorded on my health file? You can see where I’m going with this concern.

Another grey area of AI usage surfaced as I tossed and turned. As a published fiction and non-fiction author, I’ve been following concerns posted on social media by fellow writers. Many have had their books pirated and used in on-line AI data bases for others to copy when they have writer’s block. This illegal practice steals royalty payments due authors and allows others to take credit for their work.

I’m struggling to keep an open mind and enjoy learning more about the tremendous benefits that AI is introducing for the benefit of mankind. However, I sincerely hope regulations are put in place to ensure these incredible artificial intelligence advancements are not misused.

Since I previously aired my trials and tribulations over allowing, on a trial basis, an additional AI tool into my home to buddy up with my iPhone and iPad, I wanted to share my latest AI experience quandary.

Click to read my article, “Home Assistant or Privacy Invader?” that was first published in a Canadian magazine, Cloud Lake Literary, in Volume 5 on March 14/23.

Thursday 31 August 2023


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What’s your life worth? If the price isn’t right you die!

Jordan Blair, a Toronto cop, and Darcy Piermont, a Québec City private investigator schedule a week of romance. Jordan meets an attractive new hire of Darcy’s and is introduced to his aunt who professionally outranks her. As if that isn’t enough stress on a new relationship, they are pressured to investigate a crime with personal implications for Darcy and danger to them both. A university professor is missing after receiving a chilling ultimatum.

Death's Footprint is the second book in the Blair and Piermont crime fiction, romantic suspense series. Book #1 follows Jordan's and Darcy's Caribbean adventures in TARGETED. These are fast-paced, quick reads, enjoyable as stand-alone stories.

Samples of Some 5-Star Reviews:

"Captivated from the start. I read this fast-paced novella in one sitting. The budding romance between Jordan and Darcy adds an entertaining twist."

"Exciting read."

"Great read. Liked the interaction of main characters."

"Another humorous crime adventure by writing duo, Warner and Ferris."

"Set in Quebec City, I could easily visualize many of the scenes and found myself longing to travel once more to La Belle Province."

"I read it immediately after reading book one, “Targeted” and finished it within a day as well because I couldn't put it down. I'm so excited to see what's next for this author because I really enjoy her writing. Hopefully book three is in the works because I'm in Blair & Piermont withdrawal now!!"

Thursday 6 July 2023

Smashwords Book Vendor's July 2023 Blow Out eBook Sale

Current heat wave zapping your energy? Visualize yourself sitting under a shaded umbrella table at a boutique resort on Roatan Island, sipping mojitos and exchanging flirtatious comments with eye candy that may have stepped out of a photo shoot for GQ magazine when reading this gripping page turner, "Targeted", book #1 in a crime fiction adventure series by Donna Warner and Gloria Ferris.

Sunshine reflecting off the aqua-coloured ocean waves like millions of dancing diamonds caress the ocean shoreline. Caribbean music playing as you revel in the sights and ambiance of this island paradise. The warning from a charming yet enigmatic fellow traveller that Honduras has the highest murder rate per capita in the world was easy to dismiss..... until you are targeted!

"Targeted" book #1 in Donna Warner and Gloria Ferris's crime fiction thriller is packed full of suspense, action scenes, danger, fear, romance, and witty dialogue between two female Canadian tourists and the men they encounter on their vacation on Roatan Island.

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