Wednesday, 30 June 2021


 It is my pleasure to feature author, Jamie Tremain's third book in the Dorothy Dennehy mystery series, Beholden to None.

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                                                    Authors, Liz Lindsay and Pam Blance a.k.a. Jamie Tremain 

 Author Bio:

Jamie Tremain was “born” in the summer of 2007. A collaborative effort brought about by two fledgling authors Liz Lindsay and Pam Blance. Work colleagues who happened to share a love of reading and writing, and the natural next step was to try their hand at creating a story of their own.

Attending workshops and writing conferences, as well as blogging about their journey, have helped them along the way to hone their craft. Jamie Tremain has worked hard to be a visible presence in the writing community, where encouragement and support are golden.

Jamie Tremain is a member of Crime Writers of Canada, International Thriller Writers, and Pam and Liz are proud to be part of the Genre5 Authors writing group in Guelph, Ontario.

Jamie Tremain has just released Beholden to None, the third book in the Dorothy Dennehy Mystery Series. The release also coincides with Jamie Tremain becoming a full-fledged indie-author as well. Previously published books in the series – The Silk Shroud, and Lightning Strike – have been re-released with new covers. 2021 has been an exciting, and challenging year all around!


Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Whisht Hall by Jane Jordan: A Romantic Horror Novel

Whisht Hall by Jane  Jordan

's review

Family Connections to Terrify

A seventeen-year-old, Amy Derneville, is forced to live with a step-uncle, Henri Louyar, and three cousins in an isolated mansion bordering Dartmoor, England after her father died. Amy’s mother disappeared when she was a baby. Her initial meeting with her new family was fraught with tension when introduced to one of her male cousins, Calin, whose twin brother is absent, and a female cousin who made no pretense that she viewed Amy as their family’s charity case.
Questions plague Amy when she is told her aunt, Marguerite, lives in New Orleans with a female protégé her husband distrusts and finds that probing where the missing twin brother, Damien is, go unanswered.

After being saved by Damien when lost in the moors, Amy is frightened and isn’t sure who to trust or believe. Even her uncle’s motives make her nervous when he strongly suggests she draw up her will since her father left her a sizeable inheritance.
Her sleep at Dartmoor is often interrupted by the eerie howling of a wolf that other family members dismiss try to convince her it’s only a sheep dog howling. Amy finds herself being romantically drawn to both of her male cousins. This attraction may result in dangerous consequences since the twins appear to dislike each other immensely and one demonstrates he is very much in tune with a Voodoo ceremony Amy was forced to watch.
Jane Jordan’s prose is excellent as she paints vivid imagery of a family’s lives fraught with secrets and dark associations and a plot with numerous surprises in the backdrop of a New Orlean’s swamp and the picturesque land surrounding her uncle’s Dartmoor home. Despite living in a gorgeous mansion, Amy’s fears that the rumours about man-eating hounds at Dartmoor bogs may, in fact, not be myths.


Saturday, 8 May 2021

Stranger in the Woods by Anni Taylor

A Suspenseful, Psychological Thriller

Stranger in the Woods: A Tense Psychological Thriller by [Anni Taylor]

A gripping story about a young woman who suffers from a chronic illness that involves memory loss gaps. When Isla Wilson accepts a one-month photography shoot in Scotland, she leaves the security of her socially sheltered life in Sydney, Australia, having no clue why she was drawn to a freelance job offer in another country.  This decision results in shocking repercussions and revelations as she tries to discover who murdered, Elodie McGregor, her new clients' 8-year-old daughter, and why this young girl's parents seem displeased she has arrived to stay on their estate to undertake the photo shoot. Not only is Isla's life threatened, but as the truth behind the little girl's death begins to unravel, Isla discovers that she, herself, has a dark secret that may change her life forever.

A very enjoyable fast-paced read with creative plot twists woven around interesting characters and set in the beautiful backdrop of Scotland.

Reviewed by Donna J. Warner