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My guest is Cheryl R Cowtan. She is a long-time fan of Anne Rice and Stephen King and prefers her vampires to be razor-sharp predators with sultry sensibilities ruling over gothic settings.
Cheryl R. Cowtan, Author of  "The Fergus She" Gothic Horror Series & More
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Combining the classic genres of horror and fantasy with historical events and the Canadian landscape, Cowtan creates complex stories rich with tension.
Cowtan’s writing has been called “impressive”, “raw and thrilling” and “stunningly beautiful”. Her debut Gothic Horror, Girl Desecrated, is an award-winning novel and book I in The Fergus She vampire gothic series. In The Fergus She book II, Master of Madhouse,she thrills vampire fans with a blood-letting, old-school Dracular in the form of Lord Gräfen.

Cheryl’s novels are for readers who love to unravel fast-paced, evocative page turners; enjoy plot-twists; relate to tragic but resilient characters; indulge in sultry scenes and take pleasure in classic tropes.

If you seek gut-wrenching suspense, this author is for you!



Such a mix of energy, violation, revenge, hate, love, determination, and angst! All beautifully told.  I loved it. Recommended. Amazon UK reader

..The reader has no choice but to make the best of the situation, both enthralled and disturbed by this novel’s stranglehold on one’s consciousness. What a gut-wrenching pleasure to read!

This is a superbly well-written story which captures the imagination of the reader and draws them in with (Cowtan’s) unique storytelling style and enticing narrative on the gothic era, mystery, and intrigue.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and will continue to follow this author – Tanya Writer


JANE EYRE meets BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER in this addicting Gothic Fantasy series!

Determined to escape her destiny as host to the beautiful blood-sucking vampire, Scarlett, Rachel wields Scarlett's demon-magic and accidentally launches herself headlong into another century, straight into the arms of Gräfen, Lord of the Vampires.

A two-hundred-year separation has not been long enough to cool Gräfen's desire for his sultry demon-wife Scarlett. So, when Gräfen finds Rachel in control, and Scarlett, the oppressed entity in the body they share, his lust turns into a predatory rage that fuels a campaign of vampiric torment. 

Held prisoner in a Gothic mansion and surrounded by a bedlam of servants, Rachel suffers Gräfen's gas-lighting seductions until her will begins to weaken. Gräfen is sadistic, but alluring, and Rachel's lifelong dysfunction is serving his game. As they begin to connect on a deeper, darker level, Scarlett grows envious.

 Can Rachel rally an army from the macabre mob in Gräfen's serfdom, or will she become eternally obedient to his voracious and unnatural demands?

And if so, will Scarlett allow it?  

Wednesday, 19 December 2018


In addition to writing and publishing mysteries and thrillers, she recently included: “BLOOD PATCH”, a Young Adult Urban Fantasy novella. Gloria has won awards for her mystery writing and is known for her creative prose that is rich with humorous dialogue that often cause readers to laugh out loud.

A Young Adult Urban Fantasy

 BLOOD PATCH is available from:

1) An Giveaway Contest running as of this posting date until Dec 21. Click on link for details.
2) The eBook is available for $2.99 from Amazon, Kobo, IBooks, Scribd, and most other online retailers, while the paperback can be purchased through for $10.64 (today’s prices on  

Here’s a plot teaser of BLOOD PATCH, an entertaining novella set in Canada’s beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. This story should take the average reader approx. 3 hours to complete:
There’s no turning back from the path to Ascension.
Lenny would do anything to belong to a real family again after bouncing through foster homes most of his life. When he’s finally chosen, the family isn’t the kind he had in mind. He’s forced to die to join them. Worse, he’s expected to make three kills to confirm the blood bond. Lenny convinces himself it’s a small price to pay for immortality with a family who really cares about him.
Hunting for his first kill. Lenny doesn’t count on running into Ashley, Jane, and Crystal, the bullies who made his life at school miserable. Not only do they fight back, they decide he’s a vamp and needs to be exterminated. Overwhelmed by their combat and weaponry skills, Lenny barely escapes, vowing to take them down another day.
After a disastrous confrontation with Lenny’s new family when he learns their true plans for him, all four teens must run for their lives. The girls give Lenny an ultimatum: join us or we’re all doomed. Out of options and shattered by his family’s betrayal, Lenny is torn. Should he run and save himself? Or stand with his adversaries and face final death? So far, Ascension sucks.

Gloria Ferris, Fiction Author of Mysteries, Thrillers, & Young Adult Urban Fantasy