Thursday, 25 July 2013

Fiction Writing – A Lifelong Learning Process

July 2013 Issue
By Donna J. Warner, Author/Editor, D.J. Warner Consulting

Recently, I read a comment by Angela Ackerman on writing fiction that sums up the challenges we face as fiction authors.  Crafting a story is a bit like juggling – so many elements must come into play at the right moment to put on an amazing show.” 

In addition to attending writers’ conferences in Canada and the U.S., including Crime Writers of Canada conferences, I’m always on the hunt for useful writing references. 

Our writers’ group, Gloria Ferris, Donna Houghton, and myself, have attended many of the fiction writing workshops hosted by book editor, Brian Henry.  He shares writing tips on how to create a marketable manuscript and invites published authors or literary agents as guests.  We’ll be attending the November 30th Guelph workshop where the topic is, “How to Write a Best Seller” with New York Times #1 best-selling author, Kelly Armstrong as the guest speaker. For details on this workshop or to subscribe to Brian’s newsletter, click on:

During our July ‘Writers’ Retreat’ at my cottage on Sparrow Lake, we reviewed the following very useful fiction writing suggestions:

Ø  Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View (POV) by Jill Elizabeth Nelson
Ø  Gesturing --- Unspoken Dialogue and What is the Difference Between Conversation and Dialogue?, by William Noble’s “Conflict, Action, & Suspense”
Ø  No-No’s For a Compelling Story, by Jodie Renner
Ø  Are These Filter Words Weakening Your Fiction? By Suzannah Windsor Freeman