Thursday, 31 October 2013


Internet saturation of your name and your profile is key to creating a strong author presence. Agents and publishers prefer authors who have already established themselves online--even before they have been published. You know the common drill:

  • Author Website
  • Author page on Facebook
  • Goodreads
  • Tumblr, Blogger, Twitter, Wordpress
  • Group membership

All of the above take some effort and take you away from your writing. Well here is a new way to promote yourself, to build relationships with publishers, get some free reading materials and become a recognized "professional reader".

NetGalley connects you to publishers who want you to review books that are soon-to-be-published. 

Why would you do this?

1.     Free reading material

2.     It's a good way to get your name and possibly your Web site or blogger links out there

3.     Your blog or group will get reviews of great books before they hit the press (timely)

4.     You may be able to build relationships with publishers

5.     You get to see what is being published (which helps with your writing decisions)

6.     You get to see what publishers like (which helps with submission decisions)

7.     You have access to a group of professional readers you may be able to network with

What do you have to do?

1.     You have to register 

2.     You will have to provide some detailed information (that is kept confidential between publishers and NetGalley) in order to prove you are a reader of influence with the credentials to review books. (author, journalist, teacher, editor, librarian etc). (Hint: You can check publishers approval criteria first)

3.     You pick a book (galley) to review and send the request to the publisher.

4.     If approved, you read the book (provided in many forms PUB, Kindle etc)

5.     You can decline the review or you can publish the review. You own the rights to your review. You can send a link of the reviews location to the publisher (which gives you exposure)

Ease of use?

1.     Search by publisher, author, title, genre/category or most requested

2.     Fill in basic join form, read terms, submit and validate email

3.     Create your profile, which includes associations you belong to and a bio

4.     Your dashboard includes your activities, your reads (which can be organized), your writes and requests to and approvals from publishers.

Make your reading count. Sign up to NetGalley at

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