Monday, 2 December 2013


Our writers’ group, myself, Gloria Ferris, and Donna Houghton, have attended many of the writing workshops hosted by fiction editor and instructor, Brian Henry (  His last Saturday’s author guest topped my list of most interesting and informative workshop guests.

Kelley’s ( presentation highlighted aspects to consider when plotting and pacing your fiction manuscript.  See below for some of the discussion points covered:

·         * Write effective chapter endings to hook readers to want to keep reading;
·         * Be selective about how much description is in each scene;
·         * Get to the action – no need to describe each movement of your characters, e.g. Do you care how many times they visit the washroom?
·         * Be cognizant of the low points and high points of your story;
·         * Show, Don’t Tell readers what is happening and don’t recap an action scene;
·          * Make sure all content either advances the plot or is critical to describing a character’s personality or physical characteristics;
·         * Don’t interrupt an action scene with a flashback or narrative that breaks the tension of the scene.  If flashbacks are required, do it either before or after the action scene.
·         * Avoid including large sections of description.  Give readers bits and pieces of necessary description.

In addition, Kelley generously shared information on her writing process, how she manages the creative aspects and business demands of being a published author, and some commercial aspects of the publishing sector.

Whether you are a published fiction author or heading in that direction, I would recommend you attend any workshop where Kelley is guest author.

Kelley Armstrong signing Donna Warner's copy of, "Bitten"