Thursday, 16 January 2014


 By Gloria Ferris

Left to right:  Donna Warner, Gloria Ferris

I learned my living for years as an editor but I know my editing skills are no match for my writer’s ego. It doesn’t matter if I set my completed book aside for a week, a month, then look at it again with fresh eyes. I can revise the dang thing a dozen times, but that still won’t create a product ready for the submission process. And, usually by the time I’ve revised, revised, revised, I’m so sick of the “sound” of my words on the page, I’m certain it’s all drivel, fit only for kindling. And, even though I’m pretty good with grammar and punctuation, I still can’t trust my eye to pick out mistakes I’ve looked at a hundred times. A missing or duplicated word, a comma in the wrong place, a period instead of a question mark … Familiarity breeds complacence.

At this point, I hand my manuscript over to my front-line editor. She happens to be my sister-in-law, Donna Warner, who is also a professional editor.

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