Wednesday, 20 April 2016


It's is my pleasure to have, Tierney James, as a guest on my blog.  I met Tierney on our publisher, Black Opal Books, Yahoo Chat Group.

 After deciding to give up teaching World Geography for a nearby college, I plunged into pursuing a writing career. My first novel, An Unlikely Hero was written because I moved to Northern California where people kept mistaking me for someone named Melanie. I even got questioned by the DMV about who I really was. This resulted in a number of interesting encounters. After seeing a sign on a man’s fence several miles from me that read in giant letters, REMEMBER THE USS LIBERTY, I decided to find a new story.  This led me to the only surviving Marine of a government cover-up. With the creation of Winds of Deception, I’m now working toward obtaining the Medal of Honor for him. He was my resource and warned me to be careful. You would think that was all pretty innocent until I caught a black sedan taking pictures of my house then speeding off. So when my phone clicks, or no one is on the other end, I just smile and know I’ve hit a nerve. (  on Amazon.) Rooftop Angels is the third in that series and due out in about six weeks. I’m also working with Mission K9 Rescue to create a children’s book about four-footed soldiers that save lives.
Besides serving as a Solar System Ambassador for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and attending Space Camp for Educators, I’ve traveled across the world. From the Great Wall of China to floating the Okavango Delta of Botswana, Africa, I tie unique experiences into other writing projects such as my first paranormal romance/thriller, Dance of the Devil’s Trill, to be released this summer. With living on a Native American reservation and in a mining town for many years, I have an abundance of characters that keep me awake at night.

 Tierney's Response to my question on what are the benefits of being a hybrid author?     

I am a hybrid author meaning that I do both traditional and indie publishing. There are advantages to both for sure. The cost is the biggest one I see. With a traditional publisher they take care of everything; cover art, editing, formatting, etc. They open doors for you both in bookstores and conferences. My publisher got me in with Thriller Writers of America. Not too shabby. I will continue to seek out traditional from time to time.
Going indie or indie assist you have to have help and that comes with a price. Having said that I love the control I have with indie and I make more money. I don’t have to wait as long to get my novel into print so I start making money faster. You do need to find a good editor. That is the magic word! Don’t count on your buddies, relatives or even writing group to do what needs to be done. It’s impossible. There will be times you get your work back and it looks like the editor opened a vein over your wonderful words. Remember they are making it better. I didn’t do that at first and I’ve paid dearly for those mistakes. It’s worth it to find the editor with a Vlad the Impaler complex.

An Unlikely Hero (Vol. I of the Enigma Series)
If you can imagine Romancing the Stone meets True Lies then you have a good idea how Tessa Scott feels when her world is turned upside down after a Libyan terrorist decides to pay her a visit. Thanks to Captain Hunter she is rescued but dragged into a conspiracy to change the world as we know it. How does a soccer mom get into so much trouble? Enigma is trying to find that out even as we speak.
Twitter: @TierneyJames1


Krista Lynn said...

Tierney, you are such an interesting person! I'm looking forward to getting my own book out there in May, then catching up on some of my TBR list to read yours. I live a good thriller.

Sleuths Ink said...

I love the Enigma series. I've been a fan since the very first one. Tierney James knows how to create suspense and keep the reader engaged until the very end.

Willy Robbins said...

Tierney is a little bit of ninja warrior, secret agent with a bit of cinnamon spice all rolled up into one , wonderful friend and author. She inspires and amazes everyone that she is around. Tierney is my friend, my mentor, my spirit guide. Get to know Tierney through her blog and her books. She is worth your time!