Saturday, 16 January 2016


By Mystery Author, Donna Warner

Learn as much as you can about the diverse aspects of the publishing industry through networking. My personal learning curve benefits tremendously through memberships in organizations such as the International Thriller Writers (ITW)  and the Crime Writers of Canada  I’ve also profited, intellectually, from years of attending Canada’s Bloody Words’ Conferences (sadly no longer running) and other national and internationally writers’ conferences.  Participating in workshops and author panels at these events not only help us sharpen our writing skills, but provide the opportunity to meet authors whose work we admire 

Another networking option to embrace, or at least occasionally hug, is social media.  Becoming comfortable with one of its many platforms can be informative and entertaining.

Here are some writing-related links extracted from my Pinterest Boards.  I find this method of storing reference material helpful.  Hope you agree.
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Elizabeth Lindsay said...

As a writer, on the verge of being published, I cannot stress how invaluable networking (either through personal contact, or social media) has been on this journey. I anticipate it is something that will continue to be a strong component as long as I write. Thanks, Donna, for the links, and I'm glad to be part of your "Tribe"....every writer needs one!

1/2 half of Jamie Tremain

Donna Warner said...

Thanks, Liz. Together we roar:)